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This blog aims to be the hub for all the projects that my colleagues and I are working on, would like to work on, or just think would be nice for SOMEONE to do. (Feel free to steal any ideas you see here. Just let me know if you do, or see some one do something similar. 😉 ) I am an American PhD candidate under a grant from the Japanese Government to research the Japanese Anime business industry. I have been co-founder of 2 small-scale animation studios and try to juggle time between working in the industry, helping friends in the industry, and my research.

P.s. Anyone have a good idea on how to abbreviate YKWWSTD so that it DOESN’T look like an STD? lol.

  1. matt
    July 1, 2010 at 2:29 am

    Hello, I was just curious if you could help me with some areas of my senior project. I’m covering the history of comics and anything outside of America has been difficult to track down and wikipedia is unreliable at an academic level. Could you help me with some of these questions?

    1) Like American comics, has there ever been a company owned characters that creators would work on?

    2) There has been noted influence from American comics from GIs after the War. Can you list or point out any specific creators that mention this or show it? It’d be nice to know if it was an Timely comic written by Stan Lee, a Superman or Batman book, or one of the other Golden Age publishers.

    3) What have the trends been in Manga over the past seventy five or so years? As an American, I only hear about the greats and the cheap to import. Who are the guys that did something first but didn’t get popular till later?

    4) In America, there’s an independent scene of comics given the prominence of company owned properties. From what I can tell, there’s a reverse in Japan where authors bring in their own characters. What rights do the creators have in this situation and what rights to the publishers have? Also, if a mangaka gets rejected from multiple publishers, do they have a viable selfpublishing option?

    5) What is the relationship of the anime studios and the manga industry?

    6) What are some of the problems in the industry now? America has been suffering from declining readership. The whole digital distribution is a big issue. Does Japan have similar problems?

    7) What are the nature of fanzines or doujins? Some publishers wince at the idea from what I’ve read but I’ve heard that it’s a matter of free publicity to them and lots of it. What exactly is the case?

    8) What should I know that I’m not asking here?

    Thanks for everything. Hope everything is going good. How’d that 3-D anime turn out from G-Pen?

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