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#010 Read Naruto Manga 546 while listening to “Loud Noises”

July 14, 2011 1 comment

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Recently I have been surprised by how much gangsta rap fits Naruto’s storyline these days.  The obvious reason is because Bee, his newfound partner and mentor, literally raps in the story.  But also the violence, bravado, and anger of gangsta rap fits the characters of all the legendary fighters, both alive and undead, that face each other in the current arc.

Two weeks ago was a departure with the melancholy yet uplifting Lost in the World by Kanye West.  However, last week was a return  to  form.The perfect song to listen to on repeat while reading Naruto Manga 546:

Loud Noises by Eminem featuring Slaughterhouse, from the recent “Bad vs. Evil” album.  A song about confidence and power, the song’s constant screaming and bass bangs are a perfect backdrop for the earth-shattering techniques used by characters on both sides of the battlefield.

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