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#008 Make an Enhanced Version of ANNCast 04-16-2010 “OveraChivers”

April 21, 2010 3 comments

Just finished making another enhanced podcast version of the Anime News Network‘s ANNCast like I did last week.  This week, as some of you may know, I am actually the interviewee at the end of the episode.

Download it below.
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Answer to JooJooBee’s Comment from ANNCast Interview Post

April 19, 2010 3 comments

Hi Everyone.  Thanks for the great comments on the ANNCast postJoojoobees, one commenter, asked a very good question that is one of the million dollar (in this market, maybe I should reduce that to hundred dollar -_-;; ) questions that even many people here in the Tokyo Anime Industry don’t agree on the answer to.  I’ll post the question and the answer below.  Btw, my answer is not the end-all-and-be-all – just my own opinion from my own very limited (5 years) experience here in Tokyo. Read more…

Interview on ANNCast 04-15-2010

April 15, 2010 14 comments

Just finished an interview with the Anime News Network’s ANNCast.

(Click here for the iTunes Link)

The topics were mostly about the state of the Anime industry and my research on said topic. I forgot how much fun it is to talk about the topic with English-speakers, and with people with similar (Western) aesthetic senses. I’ll be on high for the rest of the day, if not the week.

Three regrets though:

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